I grew up on East 47th Court in Anchorage, Alaska. During our high school years, my step-brother and I would make short films with our VHS-c camcorder, making all of our edits in-camera and creating sound effects with the greatest foley devices ever - our mouths. Our shorts typically starred old stuffed animals, mostly because they were better actors than ourselves.


Sadly, those tapes have been lost and no one will ever know the saga of Superfrog. But the memories remain and e47films is a tribute to those days of striving for the perfect take and having a great time doing it.


I started e47films in 2012 with the intent to help individuals and organizations capture and tell compelling stories. Since 2008, I've worked on nearly 100 projects, including feature films & documentaries. I've held a variety of roles throughout the years and now focus primarily on writing, directing, and editing, but still consider myself a "Jack of all trades."


If you're looking for an individual to work on your film or video who is professional, organized, knowledgeable and efficient and cool under pressure, I would love the opportunity to prove I am all of those adjectives and more.  (Good ones, of course, like intuitive and communicative, and I've never once been called lazy.)


Thank you very much for your interest and for perusing my site. I hope to have the opportunity to talk with you soon.


-Tim Kaminski

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